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Mrs. Allison's second grade class hosted a read-a-thon to help prepare Ms. Annabelle's 1st grade class for second grade next year. The students in both classes dressed as their favorite book characters and brought a stuffed animal to the event. Second grade students had picked two picture books to share with the first grade students. Each second grade student was teamed up with two or three first grade students and asked to show them how to properly read a picture book. The second grade students then began by taking the first grade student on a picture walk of one of the books then read the story to the younger students while periodically asking them questions about what was happening in the story. When they were done with the first book they did the same thing with the second book. Once the class was done with the read-a- thon, the second graders showed the first graders how to properly give a show and tell presentation by standing up and telling them who they dressed up as and introducing their stuffed animal. The second graders loved teaching the first graders what second grade will be like next year. The first graders had fun learning skills that they will need.


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