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Grade 9 -  Grade 12

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The nationalities of the teaching staff at Yangon Academy are predominately American, Canadian, and Myanmar. A high percentage of the secondary faculty hold advanced degrees with current certifications. A large percentage of Myanmar teachers also hold Masters's Degrees. Overall, our core secondary teachers average 15+ years of experience, with considerable prior experience in various international schools.

The high school program at Yangon Academy offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum using a wide variety of American textbooks and materials resourced from other publishers from around the world, together with the ever-increasing multitude of internet-based options. Students must earn 25 credits to graduate. Specialist classes are required until Grade 10 in Art, Music, Computer Studies, P.E., Myanmar Language, and Culture classes. 

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is an American-based program designed to offer the challenge of college-level courses for talented high school students in a variety of subjects. Students prepare for a rigorous external examination in May and routinely receive university credit in the US for high scores.


Currently, the school offers AP courses in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English. The final determination for enrollment in AP courses will be made by the Assistant Principal in consultation with the Counselor and Subject Teacher. It is expected that any student taking AP courses will sit the exam in May. 

Admission to AP courses:

AP courses require a long‐term commitment from students. For this reason, students must demonstrate the following before being admitted to any AP courses:

  • A high level of motivation and good grades across the majority of subject areas.

  • Fulfillment of course prerequisites as stated in the Program of Studies.

  • A high level of achievement in courses deemed a prerequisite to the selected AP courses.

  • An understanding and acceptance of the increased homework demands.

  • Written parent approval.

  • A commitment to complete all course requirements, including external examinations. All students enrolled in AP courses are expected to register for and sit the external exams.

  • Payment for exams is considered part of the family’s financial obligations. Any student who, for any reason, does not sit an AP exam will be required to sit internal exams at Yangon Academy.

  • These internal exams will be comprised of past AP exams

  • Requests for withdrawal from any AP course will be carefully considered by the Assistant Principal in consultation with the Subject Teacher and the Counselor.

Graduation requirements

Students must earn a minimum of 25 credits to graduate High School. Below are the required courses by grade level and subject credits.






Social Studies









Myanmar Studies


Computer Studies











Four Year Course Planner by Grade Level

Grade 9 – 8 credits

  • English 9 (1.0 credit)

  • World History/Africa 9 (1.0 credit)

  • Physical Science 9 (1.0 credit)

  • Geometry 9 (1.0 credit)

  • Art 9 (0.5 credit)

  • Music 9 (0.5 credit)

  • Computer Studies 9 (0.5 credit)

  • P.E / Health 9 (1.0 credit)

  • Myanmar Studies 9 (1.0 credit)

Grade 11 – 8 credits

  • English (1.0 credit)

  • Social Studies (1.0 credit)

  • Science (1.0 credit)

  • Math (1.0 credit)

  • College Advisory (semester 2)

  • Electives (3.5 credits)

Grade 10 – 8 credits

  • English 10 (1.0 credit)

  • World History/Americas 10 (1.0 credit)

  • Biology 10 (1.0 credit)

  • Algebra 2 (1.0 credit)

  • Art 10 (0.5 credit)

  • Music 10 (0.5 credit)

  • Computer Studies 10 (0.5 credit)

  • P.E. 10 (0.5 credit)

  • Myanmar Studies 10 Elective (1.0 credit)

Grade 12 – 8 credits

  • English required (1.0 credit)

  • Social Studies recommended (1.0 credit)

  • Science recommended (1.0 credit)

  • Math recommended (1.0 credit)

  • College Advisory (semester 1)

  • Electives (3.5 credits)

Our school community strives every day to live out our mission, vision, and values for our students.

Meet our High School Faculty

Miller Photo 1.jpg

David Miller

School Director

Jill Snedden.jpg

Jill  M. Snedden




Jacoba M. Benecke

Guidance Counselor

H.S. Social Studies Faculty


Hiranmoy Gupta

M.S./ H.S. Mathematics


Micheal Fluge.jpg

Michael Kent Fluge

H.S. Science


Khin Ma Gyi.jpg

Khin Ma Gyi

H.S. Myanmar Studies


Naw Lin Nandar Zaw.jpg

Naw Lin Nandar Zaw

M.S./ H.S. Music


New Teacher 2_edited.jpg

Wai Wai Aye Kyaw

M.S./H.S. Art Faculty

Mr gordon 2.jpg

Mike Gordon

Secondary Principal


Katelyn Kearney



Robert Powers.jpg

Robert George Powers

M.S. English


Rupert De Smidt.jpg

Rupert De Smidt

M.S/H.S. Mathematics


Joshua Thaller.jpg

Joshua Frank Thaller

M.S./ H.S. Social

Studies Faculty

Aye Aye Set_edited.jpg

Naw Aye Aye Set

M.S. / H.S. Myanmar Studies Faculty

Kyaw Khaing Htun.jpg

Kyaw Khaing Htun

M.S./H.S. Music


Than Min Aung_edited.jpg

Than Min Aung

Science Lab Technician

Michael Thomas Schneller.jpg

Michael T. Schneller

Assistant Secondary Principal

Lea Woodward.jpg

Marsha Lea Woodward

H.S. English Faculty/Guidance Counselor


Brett Landon Poncia

M.S. English


Niclas Dechau.jpg

Niclas Dechau Moller

M.S./ H.S. Mathematic/

Science Faculty

Bernard lesch.jpg

Bernard Lesch

M.S./ H.S. Social

Studies Faculty

Zin Yin Minn.jpg

Zin Yin Minn

M.S./ H.S. Computer Science Faculty

Nyein Nyein EI.jpg

Nyein Nyein Ei

H.S. Art Faculty

Sai Aung Soe Moe.jpg

Sai Aung Soe Moe

Physical Education Faculty

After School Activities (2022-2023)


The Yangon Academy Sports Program enjoyed a very successful year. This year we had over 70 students participating in a variety of sports from basketball, soccer and volleyball was our largest sport in terms of athletes with 45 students participating. There is more work to be done for our Soccer program and we are hoping that we can get a Girls Soccer team up and running next year. Of course, all this could not have been possible without the huge commitment and effort put forth by our great coaches.