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Empowering Students Today Toward Making A Better World Tomorrow

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Welcome to Yangon Academy

Offering a Pre-K through Grade 12 program, with English as the primary language of instruction, Yangon Academy strives to educate the whole child, focusing on character development with the goal of developing excellent students today, so they become ethical leaders tomorrow.

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Qualified Educators

Located at the

Internationally Accreditated

in year 2004

from USA, Canada, & Myanmar

heart of Yangon

American Curriculum Standards

Learn what YAIS has to offer!

Yangon Academy International School is a privately-held, Pre-Nursery through Grade Twelve international American curriculum school located in Yangon’s Bahan Township.

Child Protection

At Yangon Academy, our first priority is ensuring the safety and well-being of all students. As such, we continually strive to develop and implement the best child protection policies and the safest hiring practices as recommended by the International Task Force on Child Protection.


Therefore, all school stakeholders as well as candidates for employment have read, understand, and agreed to abide by the policies & procedures set forth in the Handbook for Child Protection.

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