Student Support

Yangon Academy provides an integrated approach in supporting the well-being of all students. Support programs include personal and academic counseling and social and emotional skills development.  Additionally, for our high school students and families, we assist with career and university counseling, through college preparation and advisory courses.

Personal and Academic Counseling

The school counselor works with students, faculty, and parents to…

  • Help create a positive school climate in which students can effectively learn.
  • Ensure a coordinated team effort to address the needs of all students.
  • Facilitate student access to school and community support resources.

The school counseling program provides…

  • Individual academic counseling – supporting students and families when learning issues arise.
  • Individual social/emotional counseling – supporting students as they experience personal, social or mental stressors.
  • Individual college/career counseling – supporting student efforts to apply to and prepare for university.
  • Classroom guidance – empowering students with self-knowledge, coping strategies, and empathy and life skills.
  • Crisis counseling – assisting and supporting students and families in crisis.
  • Information sessions for parents – including topics such as personal safety, college preparation, university admissions, and Internet/social-media use.

Career/College Advisory

During the high school years, it is essential for students to be preparing for the transition to university. This is a process that starts in Grade 9 and culminates with plans in place to matriculate to university by Grade 12. The school counselor is dedicated to working diligently with all students to make sure they are properly prepared for the smooth transition to their new educational path after graduating from Yangon Academy.

We utilize a number of personal and career assessment tools to advise and assist students and parents on preparing for life after high school. Maia Learning is a specialized digital platform to help students and parents in managing the many demands of applying to university. For more information on this powerful planning tool, please visit their website: .