The Yangon Academy Sports Program enjoyed a very successful year. We continue to grow the program every year and we are very excited about what the future holds. This year we had over 70 students participating in a variety of sports which culminated in the U-19 Boys’ Basketball team taking 2nd place in the MISAC tournament. The boys lost out on the championship by one point, but made a valiant effort. Our Girls Basketball team missed out on a medal but made big strides this year. Our Volleyball program enjoyed tremendous success with both the Boys and Girls winning championships. Volleyball was also our largest sport in terms of athletes with 45 students participating. There is more work to be done for our Soccer program and we are hoping that we can get a Girls Soccer team up and running next year. With the addition of Mr. Richard to our staff we see great things in store for soccer. Of course, all this could not have been possible without the huge commitment and effort put forth by our great coaches.



Boys basketball at Yangon Academy focuses on both individual skills as well as team skills while playing. For beginning players the focus is on fundamental and foundation skills. For experienced or returning players, skill advancement and running a cohesive team offense is the main focus.

There are currently two teams in place at Yangon Academy which have two separate seasons, a U15 team, as well as a U19 team. The U15 team consists of players with varying abilities, while the U19 team contains many experienced players, most of whom are returning players from previous years.

Both teams have around 20 spots for players; 12 of which are able to compete in games and tournaments. A typical practice runs from 3:00-4:15, where fundamental skills are sharpened (shooting, passing, ball handling), as well as defensive and offensive strategies are explored and developed.

Boys basketball this 2016/2017 season was full of excitement and improvement all around. As a coach, I was very proud of all the boys' efforts and the teamwork shown by both teams. We demonstrated dedication in practice that often resulted in wins during our games.

For our U15 boys, we had a very strong athletic team filled with many 8th grade students. The boys learned how to run an offense during practice, and continued to excel with their offensive skills. I am looking forward to the continued progression of these players who will now be joining the U19 team.

For our U19 boys, we demonstrated a fantastic amount of heart and dedication that nearly won us first place in the March MISAC tournament.

We plan to continue our high level of play into the next season and want to come out with an even more solid team. We hope to continue our high level of play into what I hope will be an even greater success in the next season.

Girls’ basketball at Yangon Academy focuses on basic skills for beginning basketball players and advancing skills for experienced players. We have two competitive seasons, U15 and U19, where YA competes against other international schools in Yangon and practices once a week.

The team (both U15 and U19) consists of 20 players of varying abilities. A typical practice runs from 3:00-4:30, where we concentrate on developing ball handling skills, defense, offense and conditioning to prepare for games.

The 2016/2017 seasons were very successful! The U15 team placed third in the MISAC tournament in October and the U19 team ended the season with a bang in the March MISAC tournament.



Volleyball at Yangon Academy is very popular for both middle school and high school athletes! These students practice their skills and learn sportsmanship throughout the year, by practicing weekly and having multiple competitions.

There are four volleyball teams at Yangon academy; a boys and girls A team, which consists of U19 players and most high school students, and a boys and girls B team, which consists of mainly middle school students and some U15 students.

At practice, all teams focus on basic volleyball skills and techniques. The B team focuses more on rules and how to play the game, while the A team practices more advances skills such as running offensive plays, and proper defensive position.

All teams compete against other international schools in Yangon. During the 2016-2017 school year, both the boys and girls U15 teams won first place at the end of the season tournament.