Middle School Curriculum

The Middle School program at Yangon Academy offers a challenging curriculum using a wide variety of American textbooks and materials.  We also use high quality materials and resources from other publishers from around the world, together with the ever-increasing multitude of internet-based options.  Topics and processes in English  encountered include in-depth discussion and text analysis in world literature, guided practice in writing, grammar, spelling, speaking, and listening techniques, among others.  The major elements of study in mathematics focus on the strands of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability, and measurement.  Problem-solving tactics and strategies are built-in to the daily work.  The science approach is inquiry-based while studying in-depth the content within the disciplines of the biological, chemical, and physical worlds.  Social Studies engagement ranges through the important themes and elements of history and geography.  Areas of study include ancient civilizations and more current emphases on regional studies – Asian, European, Russian and American. Special subject courses in Art, Music, P.E., and Computer Studies, plus Myanmar Studies are also required.

Required Courses by Grade Level

Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
English 6 English 7 English 8
Academic Writing 6 Academic Writing 7 Academic Writing 8
World Cultures/Geography 6 World History/Europe 7 World History/SE Asia and Pacific 8
Science 6 Science 7 Science 8
Mathematics 6 Pre-Algebra 7 Algebra 1
Art 6 Art 7 Art 8
Music 6 Music 7 Music 8
Computer Studies 6 Computer Studies 7 Computer Studies 8
P.E. 6 P.E. 7 P.E. 8
Myanmar Studies 6 Myanmar Studies 7 Myanmar Studies 8