Our Library is the place to start finding out everything you need to know about facts and enjoy reading novels. With us you can enjoy an extensive range of books. Our students have access to over 10,000 books, 100 DVDs, and journals, along with a computer to do research and search books in the library and a free Wi-Fi.
The books are divided into two sections – Non-Fiction and Fiction. The nonfiction books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and we have a collection of Teacher Reference. For the students who are taking the SAT and AP classes, there is a collection of books on those subjects.
Fiction books are mainly divided into two groups – easy books or picture books and novels. Students from KG to Grade-2 can enjoy the easy books to encourage them to love books. Novels are divided into two sections – senior and junior. Students from higher elementary classes can enjoy the junior novels and senior novels are for the students from secondary classes.

Library Activities

Explore Library The students find specific title of books given to them.
If they find the book, they tick and mark the shelf no.
Student who completes all first is the winner.

Book Review

Genre – Adventure, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Although it at first seems like The Hunger Games Lite, THE TESTING proves to have some original thinking behind it. First, Cia’s father warned her not to trust anyone. Will she be able to follow her father’s warning? As Cia and Tomas struggle to master the various assignments that will ensure them a college education and a rewarding career (provided they aren’t killed first), the novel grows in complexity and develops suspenseful momentum. There were over 180 testing candidates and how many will be able to survive THE TESTING? The book questions the notion of winning at all costs, and those who fail The Testing are treated by Cia as unique individuals who deserve compassion. The saga is clearly only beginning at the end of this volume. The readers who love the Hunger Games surely will enjoy THE TESTING.

You might also love the second book (Independence Study) and the third book (Graduation Day) of the saga.

New Books Listing

  1. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (Fiction)
  2. Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian (Fiction)
  3. The Lost Hero (Fiction)
  4. The Son of Neptune (Fiction)
  5. Killers of the Dawn (Fiction)
  6. Hunters of the Dusk (Fiction)
  7. Death’s Shadow (Fiction)
  8. Demons of the Ocean (Fiction)
  9. 365 Days of Memorable Moments and Impossible Things (Non-Fiction)
  10. Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans (Non-Fiction)
  11. School of Dreams (Non-Fiction)
  12. Where’s My Stuff (Non-Fiction)
  13. Make The Grade (Non-Fiction)