NAME: David Miller
JOB TITLE: Director and Secondary Principal
Highest Degree MA Education Administration
Years (Teaching experience) 19
Years (AP experience) 15

I have more than 30 years’ experience in K-12 schools, with fifteen of those years spent internationally. My teaching and administrative experience has been split almost evenly. I hold a BA, MA, and four years’ work toward a PhD (not completed), all in the educational field. I have worked in both large and small schools, and in both boarding and day schools. I am currently certified in mathematics and political science, along with an administrative credential in education. This is my fifth year at Yangon Academy. Prior to joining Yangon Academy, I was a grade 6 mathematics teacher and department chair in Korea (Jeju-do). Before that I was the HS principal for nine years in a large Catholic school in Bangkok.

As you can see I’m fairly versatile, and I hope all this experience and formal training will make for a high level of contributing support for students, parents, and teachers — particularly as we continue to celebrate the prior and current successes of Yangon Academy, while moving into greater future accomplishments. I’m very happy to be here and a part of Yangon Academy.

NAME: Mike Gordon
JOB TITLE: Assistant Secondary Principal
Highest Degree M.Ed.
Years (Teaching experience) 26
Years (AP experience)


My name is Mike Gordon, and please know I am both humbled and honored to be joining Yangon Academy’s community. I am an American national and, for the past 25-years, I have been a school teacher, multi-sport coach, and administrator in independent schools throughout the state of Massachusetts. After earning an undergraduate degree from Villanova University in History and a graduate degree from Boston College in Educational Administration, my career has been characterized by a diversity of educational leadership roles, but with always a student-centered focus. From serving students and families in an inner-city neighborhood to serving stakeholders in independent boarding and day schools I, like my colleagues at Yangon Academy, have enthusiastically worn the “many hats” of an educator. As I begin this next chapter to my professional career, I am eager to help our school community live its vision. Together, we will help our students – your children – fulfill their potential, while they, in turn, help us become an even stronger school community.

NAME: Mark Lazich
JOB TITLE: K-12 Counselor
Highest Degree MS Counseling Psychology
Years (Counseling experience) 17
Years (Teaching experience) 5

I have worked as a counselor with adolescents and young adults for over 16 years in a variety of settings such as public schools, universities, private boarding schools, residential treatment centers and wilderness expeditionary programs. I have also lived and worked internationally for a private boarding school in Mexico. For the past 8 years, I have worked in private practice as a licensed psychotherapist with adolescents, families and adults.

I hold a BA in Communication, BS in Marketing/ International Business and a MS in Counseling Psychology. My teaching experience includes: Psychology; Career Planning; and College Success. I have also worked as an advisor to community college students planning to matriculate to universities.

I am very excited to join Yangon Academy and assist students with their academic and emotional growth while preparing for the next step in their educational and career aspirations.

NAME: Michael Kent Fluge
JOB TITLE: Science
Highest Degree B.S. degree in Applied Science and Technology
Years (Teaching experience) 10+

My name is Michael Kent Fluge and I am from Los Angeles California. I have been teaching for 10 years in Thailand, Korea, Philippines and Taiwan. I have a B.S. degree in Applied Science and Technology majoring in environmental science from Thomas Edison State University. I worked for the EPA in Washington DC, solid waste division, as a summer intern(AmeriCorps) and found the work there to be very rewarding. I worked for the air quality division in Pima county Arizona and found the work there to be rewarding as well.

I have many ideas and inventions relating to wind, hydro, and magnetic field systems to generate electrical energy that have been submitted to National Institutes of Standards and Technology(NIST), Los Angeles department of Water and Power and Pacific Gas and Electric.

I look forward to working with the faculty and staff at Yangon Academy and experiencing the culture of Myanmar.

NAME: Katie Lazich
Highest Degree MS Environmental Education
Years (Teaching experience) 20+

My name is Katie Lazich. I am from Bellingham, Washington. I have a Master of Science in Environmental Education and am a National Board-Certified teacher in Early Adolescent Science. My experience includes teaching in formal and non-formal educational settings over the past 20 years, such as private schools in the US and Mexico, public charter schools, tribal schools, outdoor schools, and most recently 6 years of teaching middle school science in public school. I love exploring the outdoors, eating new food, meeting new people and learning about their culture. Other passions of mine are reading, cooking, and practicing yoga.

I look forward to our next adventure of living in Yangon and teaching for Yangon Academy and meeting and learning all about the students.

NAME: Adam Lewandowski
JOB TITLE: Science
Highest Degree PhD
Years (Teaching experience) 10+

Dr. Adam Lewandowski comes to Yangon Academy from the United States. He studied Applied Math and Physics at the University of Virginia, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1998. He went on to earn a Ph. D from Johns Hopkins University in physics in 2003. His doctoral research was on theoretical particle physics studying physics in higher dimensional warped space-times. He worked as a research associate for two years at the Stanford Linear Accelerator before working as a faculty member at the United States Naval Academy physics department, where he taught all levels of college physics. He also earned a Pastoral Counseling master’s degree at Loyola University in 2010. And, he has worked both professionally and as a volunteer with social service agencies serving the homeless population in the U.S. Dr. Lewandowski has taught high school math in Thailand at Mahidol University International Demonstration School from 2014 to 2016. He is excited to return to Southeast Asia and learn more about Myanmar’s culture. He enjoys swimming, reading, playing music, and exploring new places.

NAME: Lalo Medina
JOB TITLE: HS Mathematics
Highest Degree BS (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
Years (Teaching experience) 6
Years(IB experience) 2

I have more than 6 years of experience in High School education.

Taught in the High School Division of the most prestigious university in Mexico and Latin America, Tecnológico de Monterrey.

I hold a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering and have taught Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Differential Calculus, Integrated Calculus, Information Technologies, Computer Science, Microsoft Excel Certification.

I am very happy to be a part of Yangon Academy!

NAME: Man Yee Lee
JOB TITLE: HS Mathematics
Highest Degree Master Degree in Mathematics and Education
Years (Teaching experience) 11

Lee Man Yee has joined the Yangon Academy International School since August 2017. She is originally from Hong Kong. The bachelor degree she obtained is at the University of Hong Kong majoring in Mathematics. She has been working as a Mathematics teacher for over 10 years after taking a Postgraduate of Diploma in Education in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Having studied a master degree in Mathematics and Education, she traveled for one year discovering more than 20 countries and worked as volunteer in Nepal and India. Yangon Academy International School is her second school she works overseas following Morocco. Meeting new people, learning new cultures and new language are what she is passionate.

NAME: Susan Omernik
JOB TITLE: MS Mathematics
Highest Degree Master Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with Mathematics minor
Years (Teaching experience) 23

I have 23 years of teaching experience, mostly teaching math in 6th-9th grades. Algebra is my favorite and I thoroughly enjoy connecting it to real life for students. I have an MS in Curriculum and Instruction with a math minor. I have some classes towards a PhD in Math Education, but, I had to choose between traveling and finishing the degree, and I’ve temporarily chosen traveling. I taught for many years in the U.S., then two years in Egypt and two years in Malaysia.

I am from Oregon, so I really enjoy outdoor activities, especially hiking, trekking.

I am looking forward to starting my second year at Yangon Academy and I continue to enjoy the culture, people and nature in Myanmar.

NAME: Laura Killips
JOB TITLE: HS Language Arts
Years (Teaching experience) 12

After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in History and English Education, I joined Teach for America and moved to the Texas-Mexico border. There I taught 7th Grade Literature, ate breakfast tacos, and listened to Reggaeton. After my time in Texas, I moved to South America in order to learn Spanish. The plan was just to stay for a couple of months, but I liked it so much, I found a teaching job in Uruguay and settled in. When I couldn’t avoid student-loan payments any longer, I moved to Philadelphia, which has been my home for the past eight years. I taught for several more years before moving into various leadership roles. It was in one of these roles that I discovered my passion for secondary literacy instruction. In fact, I was so excited by the work we were doing that I have decided to return the classroom and test out the teaching methods myself!Though Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, will always be in my heart, I am thrilled to live in Myanmar and experience all this country has to offer. I can’t wait to learn (at least some of) the language, travel around the country, and most importantly, meet my students! We’re going to work hard together–but hopefully they won’t be too exhausted from all the critical analysis to tell me where to find the best mohinga…

NAME: Edmund Thayer
JOB TITLE: MS Language Arts
Highest Degree BA in English Literature, Pitzer College, California
Years (Teaching experience) 6+

My name is Edmund Thayer, and I’ve been teaching for over 6 years in the US and South Korea. I received my BA from Pitzer College in California, where I studied English literature and filmmaking. My specialty is in creative writing. I believe that reading and writing are the foundations of a good education. I want to help my students develop their writing skills so that they can find their own unique voice.

I am originally from Tucson, Arizona. I grew up in the Sonoran Desert, and have always had a love for wildlife and nature. Some things I enjoy include writing and illustrating comics, running long distances, card games, and board games.

NAME: Anna Naddeo
JOB TITLE: MS Language Arts
Highest Degree BA in English Literature, Southern Illinois University, Illinois
Years (Teaching experience) 8

My name is Anna. I graduated from Southern Illinois University with a B.A. in English Literature. My teaching experiences include teaching in after-school programs, public schools, and language academies. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the United States when I was two years old. In 2009, I returned to Korea, where I realized my passion for working with children of all ages. After teaching in Korea for six years, I spent this past year as the bilingual instructor at an elementary school and high school in the south of Spain. It is with great happiness that I return to Asia once again.I come from a household of many ethnicities, so I enjoy celebrating and discovering new cultures and customs. I can’t wait to teach and learn from the staff and students at Yangon Academy. In my free time, I enjoy watching documentaries, traveling, writing poetry, reading books, and playing the flute. What do you do in your free time? I would love to hear about it.


NAME: Dave Ballantyne
JOB TITLE: Social Studies
Highest Degree B.Ed
Years (Teaching experience) 11

Born in the Land of the Living Skies, Saskatchewan Canada, David began his teaching career after graduating with a Bachelors of Education from the University of Saskatchewan.

After a short stint in Busan, South Korea, David returned to his homeland and taught grade 6 in Tisdale Saskatchewan. Longing for adventure he returned overseas, this time to Dalian China, to teach Social Studies, Physical Education, Earth Science and Planning at a Canadian international school.

­His next adventure would take him to Bangkok Thailand this time to teach grade one and then eventually on to Myanmar where he became the Head of Physical Education and Athletics at MISY.

He looks forward to his new role as Athletic Director and as a teacher in Secondary Social Studies at Yangon Academy. He holds a BEd in Social Studies, along with current certification in his field of teaching.

NAME: Hart Murphy
JOB TITLE: Social Studies/ English
Highest Degree M.A. in Government
Years (Teaching experience) 19
Years (AP experience) 3

My first year here at YA will be my twentieth in teaching at the secondary level. Originally from Texas in the United States, I lived in Massachusetts for ten years, where I studied English and Philosophy at Williams College and Boston College. I went back to graduate school in 2010 to earn an M.A. in Government from UT Austin. Though I have been privileged to enjoy a quite varied career in terms of both settings and subject matter in the States, I started teaching overseas three years ago in the Middle East. Arriving in Myanmar renews a deep fascination with Asia that a period living in Tokyo greatly intensified. I am humbled by the opportunity to help students prepare for AP exams in both English and Economics at YAI this year. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, music, exercise, cinema and following civic affairs. I am extremely keen to experience all I can of the cultural traditions and social and ecological systems of this peninsula and especially the proud nation of Myanmar in every way I can throughout my time here. I hope that by encouraging my students to grow into more proficient college-level readers and writers, and perhaps also savvier entrepreneurs and investors, I can contribute to some of the pivotal development they seek for themselves and their community

NAME: David Rowland
JOB TITLE: Social Studies
Highest Degree M.A.
Years (Teaching experience) 21+
Years (AP experience) 2

My name is David Rowland-an American national- and since 1989, I’ve been teaching a variety of subjects in a variety of different locals, accumulating 21 years of teaching experience in the process.

After completing a B.A. in education, I started teaching special Needs in my home state of Kentucky while working on an M.A. in history & political science. After finishing my M.A., I taught U.S. history and political science course at community college and started a Ph.D. on the History of the South (dissertation incomplete). I also taught World Civilization courses as part of my assistantship, being very active – as president of Phi Alpha Theta-writing and presenting papers at academic conferences.

In 2003, I started teaching both English-language and content courses at university in South Korea, completing a CELTA while there, which changed my teaching style greatly. After seven years, I moved to Kunming, China. For Kaplan International, I taught American Studies to university students transferring to American and British university. By combining my education & experience with the strong language based approach that CELTA instills, I hope to continue helping non-native English speakers break down and understand difficult content in the field of Social Studies.

Moreover, the opportunity to live and work in Myanmar is something I would never want to miss out on.

NAME: Mar Mar Wai
JOB TITLE: Science and Lab Coordinator
Highest Degree Ph.D, Yangon Technological University
Years (Teaching experience) 32
Years (Teaching in Universities) 23
Years (Teaching in Int’l School) 8

I have been teaching Chemistry for 32 years from grade nine to University level. I came to Yangon Academy after teaching in Yangon, Pathein University, and Yangon, Pyae, Hlaing Thar Yar Technological Universities and also Bright Star Education Center.

I hold two Bachelor Degrees, B.Sc (Chemistry) and B.Sc (Hons:) from Yangon University. When I was serving as a Demonstrator in Yangon University, I received my Master degree, M.Sc (Organic Chemistry), in the research work of “Isolation and Identification of Yeasts from different fruits”.

My Ph.D degree is from Yangon Technological University and my research topic is “Synthesis of Metal Extractant from Renewable resources”. I also had a training course with a scholarship on “Environmental & Health Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Toxic Chemicals” held in Chulabhorn Research Institute in Bangkok, Thailand while I was doing my research.

I have had experience in supervising M.Sc, Ph.D Candidates from Engineering Chemistry, Yangon Technological University.

As a scientist, my hobbies are doing research, reading, traveling and doing needle work, like knitting, crochet, tatting and design making.

Also I work on the training of IGCSE Chemistry students at the weekends.

NAME: Thiha Kyaw
Highest Degree BA Fine Art
Years (Teaching experience) 28

This is my six year teaching Art at Yangon Academy. I graduated from the State School of Fine Art, Yangon in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. I have over 20 years of work experience as an Art Teacher; 1982-1988 – in High School No (1) Latha, Yangon, 1991-1994 – in bHigh School No (2) Latha, Yangon, 1995-2006 – in BEHS (2) Kamayut, Yangon and now Yangon Academy. I have participated in many art activities as an Artist including:

  • Myanmar-Japan Friendship Association First Children Art Exhibition (Kyoto, Japan)– 1997
  • Little Artist Children Art Exhibition (Yangon) – 2004
  • Group Show (National Museum, Yangon) – 2005
  • Group Show (Lawkanat Art Gallery, Yangon) – 2010
  • Also the founder of the Little Artist Art School

My motto is to teach the children the skills, techniques, and aims to create a pleasant future for themselves.

NAME: Toni Rose Tanudra
Highest Degree Bachelor of Music in Music Education
Years (Teaching experience) 10

Hi! I am Toni Rose Juario. I am a professional music teacher with solid nine-year experience in the classroom. Teaching music has always been my passion. I have taught music in the Philippines for two years, in Bangkok for five years and in Myanmar for two years.I am comfortable teaching musical concepts, as well as performance, reading and listening skills. I possess a strong understanding of these concepts and skills in context of various musical periods and genres.

I am fully qualified, with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education, which I earned in Silliman University and 27 units of Master of Education in Special Education in the University of Southeastern Philippines.

Throughout my teaching career, I have been driven to help students achieve their very best. I strongly believe that music has the power to change lives – to enhance the social, cultural and spiritual lives of people, and serve as a medium of personal expression.

I am very much excited to be a part of the Yangon Academy International School family!

NAME: Richard L. McField
JOB TITLE: Physical Education
Highest Degree M.S. Elementary Education, K-6th

B.S Health & Physical Education

Years (Teaching experience) 31

I am Richard L. McField and I will be teaching Physical Education, 6th -12th at Yangon Academy International School.

I am an American and a British citizen. British because I was born in the Cayman Islands and I am an American because I served four years in the United States Marine Corp.

I have lived and worked in the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Bangkok, New York, Miami, Hawaii, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Indonesia, Egypt and presently in Yangon.

My teaching Certification is in Health & Physical Education, K-12th and in Elementary Education, K-6th from the State of Alabama Department of Education, U.S.A.

I have a B.S. in Health and Physical Education, k-12th from The University of South Alabama, U.S.A. I also have a M.S. in Elementary Education, K-6th from The University of South Alabama, U.S. A.

I have (31) years of teaching experience in international schools in Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Indonesia, Egypt, and presently in Yangon.

I have been teaching 6th grade Math, 6th grade Health, and 7th to 12th grade Physical Education in Kuwait.

In Iraq I was the Middle School and High School Physical Education Teacher and I was also the Athletic Director.

In Syria I was a fourth grade classroom teacher and I was head Basketball Coach for 4 years.

In Indonesia I was teaching Elementary Physical Education for two years and I was asked by the Director of the school to move to High school because they needed a boys’ basketball coach.

NAME: Sylvia W.Tankerson
JOB TITLE: Computer Studies
Highest Degree M.A.T. Computer Science, Xavier University, LA
Years (Teaching experience) 27+

My name is Sylvia W. Tankerson and I am a retired educator who is the mother of two sons and five grandkids. I am a resident of the 24/7 city, New Orleans, Louisiana, where there is good music, good people and really good food.

My first teaching position was in the area of special education, servicing emotionally disturbed and behavior disordered students. I decided to become certified in computer science/literacy and later became a computer science/literacy teacher with administrative duties. After thirteen years of being a classroom teacher, I worked as a scheduling coordinator for five years at a high school.

My next assignment was that of an HR Specialist, hiring middle and high school teachers as well as conducting interviews. After five years of working as an HR Specialist, a new administration moved in and most of the employees were transferred to various school sites. For four years, I served in the capacity of an acting assistant principal. I then transferred to an alternative school where I served as Administrator in Charge. The largest and most strongest storm ever, Hurricane Katrina, made landfall in New Orleans, Louisiana. The storm left serious property damages, a high death toll and many residents were left unemployment. This lead to my retirement. One day, I was surfing the internet and I came across a website called teachaway.com. I applied for a teaching position in Cairo, Egypt where I taught computer science/literacy for 3 years and worked as a research coordinator for one year. After four years of working in Egypt, I decided to return home to the states to help take care of my sister who became ill with cancer. Unfortunately, my sister died February 8th and her death devastated our family. Despite the pain felt from my sister’s death, I still find time to laugh because laughter is good for the soul.

NAME: Khin Ma Gyi
JOB TITLE: Secondary Teacher
Highest Degree BA History
Years (Teaching experience) 11+

My Name is Khin Ma Gyi.This is my 9th year working at Yangon Academy .I received my BA in History from the Yangon University of Distance Education .I’ve completed the certificate of completion for Secondary English Language Teaching (CiSELT) from British Council. I’ve got the certificate of TexT ( Teachers Exchange and Training) trainings from Suu Foundation and East West Center in 2014 and 2015 summers.

While teaching at Yangon Academy, I have also volunteered as an organizer and volunteer teacher with the Myanmar Children’s foundation to teach children from poor families at the different monasteries on the outskirts of Yangon in our Doorway to English Program.



I do volunteer as a trainer for Suu Foundation to give the training to the teacher from the monastic and nunnery schools which has very low quality of teaching (www.suufoundation.org). At the same time I also ran the Community Service with the secondary school students at the monastic school on the outskirt of Yangon. For me, it has been an extraordinary period of collaboration. It has taught me about the remarkable opportunities that exist from harnessing the power of people’s natural instinct to help each other.

Before coming to Yangon Academy I worked as a free land teacher for several years. I love to teach the children and listen the music. I enjoy teaching, camping, traveling, cooking, and learning new things.


NAME: Chit Loon Kyin
JOB TITLE: Secondary Teacher
Highest Degree (HND) Business Management
Years (Teaching experience) 3+

I am Chit Loon Kyin. This is my first-year teaching at Yangon Academy International School. It’s going to be a great year full of new students, new adventure, and new discoveries. I graduated of (HND) Business Management from Wigan & Leigh Collage of United Kingdom.

I have experienced in teaching Myanmar Language for three years in Thailand. Myanmar Language is difficult lesson for most of Thailand students. I tried to use fun teaching technique for students, so students did not feel bored. I have established curriculum plans, performed student’s evacuation, conducted exam and test for students and actively participated staff meeting.

I am creative, energetic and patient person. My effective instructional techniques allow me to teach my students properly. I am able to manage students and able to apply self-discipline for my students. I love teaching, travelling, eating and making new friends. I would bring my expertise to work in this school.