Welcome to High School

2019-2020 HS Program of Studies revised

It has been my honor and happiness to watch our secondary section continue to develop over the last several years. I’m David Miller, the Secondary Principal and Director for Yangon Academy. We had our fourth, and largest to date, graduating class of Seniors last year. This year we are looking at 20 graduates, most aiming for admissions to universities and colleges in the U.S.

As you know, we have moved the entire secondary program into a new campus on New University Avenue, minutes from the Elementary school. This is an exciting change for us as now we can expand the services available for our older students, while opening up more space to the K-5 students and teachers at the Elementary campus. I think you will agree this is a major improvement over past years. We have three science labs, a full sized basketball court, a very large library area, a large computer studies set of partitioned rooms, and more than 20 large sized classrooms. We now also have a dedicated internet line for both schools, significantly improving bandwidth and access time.

The music program continues to offer various choices to include guitar, ukulele, and keyboard opportunities for individual students. Additionally, Chorus remains a popular subject for voice training. We have brought on an AP 2-D Studio Art class for the first time, as well as AP Chemistry, and AP World History. AP Psychology, AP Microeconomics, AP Language and Composition, and AP Physics 1 and 2 round out this year’s expanding set of AP choices. Last year 27 students sat 55 AP exams and did very well when compared to the global averages. Check my Director’s Notes on the school website for the exact numbers.

Overall, this year is shaping up to be our best Yangon Academy year ever. Our students are very special; polite, respectful, usually happy and smiling. We adults are blessed to have such a student group to work with.

My door is always open should you like to come in for a chat over a cup of coffee or tea. I’m at your service. The best.


Mr. David Miller
Director / Secondary Principal