Welcome to Elementary School

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Yangon Academy International School. At YAIS we teach and expect each student to become effective communicators, creative and critical thinkers, healthy individuals, collaborative team players, responsible global citizens and lovers of learning. It is in these ways that we empower each child to reach their full potential.Our curriculum is based on the United States of America’s standards and teaching practices, both are dynamic and challenging as we prepare each student for success today and point them toward being ready to excel at the university level.

We provide a variety of after school extra-curricular activities such as: student government, water color painting, drama, story crafts, STEM and board games. These activities allow students to explore an area of interest beyond the classroom.

Our ethos is one of maintaining the Myanmar heart while preparing students to be global ambassadors. We walk together with parents as our partners and we welcome parental involvement in our school through volunteerism, presentations and school programs.

As we continue this journey together of growing healthy children it is my promise that we will provide a highly academic, safe and caring environment for all children. Lastly, it is my pleasure to serve the students, parents and teachers at Yangon Academy International School.


Mark E.Robertson
Elementary Division