NAME: Mark Robertson
JOB TITLE: Elementary Principal
Highest Degree Master of Ed. – Howard University
Number of Years Experience: 21 in School Management, 12 in K-12Teaching, 6 in AP, 4 in University Teaching

Mark Robertson is a highly successful and seasoned K-16 educator of more than thirty years. He has worked throughout the USA and internationally in Vietnam and China. Mr. Robertson has been a Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal and University Instructor.

His educational philosophy is steeped in the belief that every student should be afforded the opportunity to learn in a caring, supportive and collaborative environment, where they can reach their potential and glimpse the horizon beyond.

Throughout his career, he has dedicated his efforts toward creating opportunities for all students. He has designed, and implemented educational models of inclusion and acceleration and enrichment programs for students.

Mr. Robertson received his M.Ed. in Education Administration from Howard University, graduating first in his class. He earned his B.Ed. in Elementary Education and a Minor in Ethnic Studies from Western Washington University and has taken Doctoral courses at University of British Columbia.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, exercise, cooking and writing.

NAME: Angelica De Guzman
JOB TITLE: Kindergarten Teacher
Highest Degree Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education — University of Santo Tomas, Manila Philippines
Number of Years Experience: 7 Years

A native of Manila, Philippines, I earned my degree of Elementary Education majoring in Pre-school education from the University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines. I have taught at one of the public schools in the Philippines, Padre Gomez Elementary School. I have also been an Art and Physical Education teacher of five year olds at St. Patrick Learning Center, and a math-science teacher at Dominican School of Manila. I am a licensed teacher who experienced teaching different levels at Pace Academy – Quezon City, Philippines, and as a Pre-Kindergarten head teacher at St. Mark Learning Center – Quezon City, Philippines.

For the past years of teaching, I experienced handling children of different cultures among them are Chinese, Taiwanese, Koreans, and Filipinos. I have developed my skills in creating fun and interactive activities as well as preparing for school programs and class presentations focusing on younger kids.

I created individualized instructions for children aged three and four. I was also tasked to prepare my students for their entrance exams. This is my fifth year of teaching here in Myanmar. I am delighted to take part and share my skills and talents at Yangon Academy.

NAME: Judithann Prigmore
JOB TITLE: Kindergarten Teacher
Highest Degree Master of Ed. – National University; Redding, California
Number of Years Experience: 5 Years

Hello, and greetings to all. My name is Judithann Prigmore. I am enjoying teaching overseas while expanding my knowledge and experiences. I received a BA in Psychology from California State University, Chico and then went on to get my MA in Special Education from National University. I also obtained dual credentials for teaching; a Multiple Subject credential, and a credential for teaching students with Mild/Moderate special needs.

I taught Middle School Physical Education for a year at a private school while I was getting my school credentials. After completing my schooling, I turned my focus to work internationally. I spent a year in Thailand teaching at Mathus Kindergarten before coming to Yangon and teaching at the first-grade level.

Last year was a wonderful beginning year for me at Yangon Academy, and I am looking forward to starting my second year as well. I want to share my love for learning and discovering with the students. I hope to bring my experiences while traveling into the classroom and be able to make our class an exciting and stimulating place of learning.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy playing sports, being outdoors, snowboarding, and reading.

NAME: Ma. Zenaida De Guzman
JOB TITLE: 1st Grade Teacher
Highest Degree Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, TEFL , Professional Teaching Course
Number of Years Experience: 13

I was born in Manila, Philippines. This is my seventh year at Yangon Academy as a First Grade teacher.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy at Philippine School of Business Administration, Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) certificates and Professional Teaching Course at the University of the Philippines.

I have more than 13 years international teaching experience in 3 countries. Kinder, Grade 1 and ESL Teacher at Quality Schools International (formerly Bishkek International School) in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Kinder and Grade 3 at Mont Michel in the Philippines.

Prior to Yangon Academy, I was teaching Reading and Speaking for Intermediate and Elementary Level at the Lassalian Center and at Yangon International School as a substitute teacher for Pre-school, Elementary and Secondary level.

Hiking, cooking, travelling, reading and singing are just some of the things I enjoyed most.

I love children of all ages, for me teaching is a vocation and way of life more than it is my profession. Seeing my students smiling makes my day complete. I have a fabulous love for children and place a high standard on learning. I have calm attitude and superb understanding of children’s need. I combine my teaching expertise with compassion, enthusiasm and ability to motivate my students to not only perform superlatively in the academics but also in all other fields to become citizens that will make their institution and country proud.

NAME: Shea Coughlin
JOB TITLE: 1st Grade Teacher
Highest Degree Bachelor of Science – University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Number of Years Experience: 4

I am so excited to teach another year of first grade at Yangon Academy! I am from Chicago, Illinois, United States. In 2013, I graduated from the University of Illinois with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in English Language Arts. I am currently enrolled in

an online graduate school, studying elementary education with an endorsement in teacher leadership.

Before my move to Yangon last year, I taught 3rd grade in Chicago for the three years. Although I was sad to say goodbye to my third graders, friends, and family, I was so thrilled to meet a new group of first graders here at YA. We had a very fun, challenging and enriching school year! I have really love my new life here in Yangon and am thrilled to immerse myself further in the culture of Myanmar people and continue travelling around this beautiful country and more of Asia!

In my classroom, students will be engaged and challenged through hands-on activities and small group learning. I am hoping to emphasize guided reading groups during our language arts block. Students will feel a sense of community and respect as members of our classroom and I will share my love of reading and learning with them. This school year will be a great one!

NAME: Dhorie Peraz
JOB TITLE: 2nd Grade Teacher
Highest Degree Bachelor of Elementary Education
Number of Years Experience: 15

My name is Dhorie Peraz, and I graduated in Elementary Education, majoring in English. Since leaving the Philippines, I have gained fifteen years teaching experience at a number of different primary levels in both Thailand and here in Myanmar. My first encounter with this beautiful country, which I must note was rather different back then (a lot less honking cars congesting the roads), was at YIEC (now ISM), teaching first graders. I joined Yangon Academy back in 2008, and have witnessed many positive changes.

I am a keen traveller, who enjoys meeting different people and experiencing their culture. As a life-long learner, I believe that the best education comes from experience. One of my more recent and memorable journeys took me to the rooftop of the world, Tibet, where faith surpassed my experiences.

Helping to develop the next generation is truly rewarding. As a teacher, I encourage my students to be resourceful and to question freely, that way creating an environment where children desire knowledge.

NAME: Aarthi Dawson
JOB TITLE: 2nd Grade Teacher
Highest Degree Bachelor of Ed, Bachelor of Science, MA in Psychology
Number of Years Experience: 17

My name is Aarthi Dawson. As I am stepping into my 18th teaching year I’m really excited to meet my students and their families. I’m sure it’s going to be an exciting year of being creative, innovative and exploring new things and have some great learning experiences.

I have been an international educator for the last 11 years. Teaching and living in a different culture and country than your own is a very rich and rewarding experience. I have taught in the UK, India and Vietnam and travelled to many other places which has made me a positive global citizen.

I have a Masters in Psychology and a Bachelors in General Education. I also a passionate learner so I enjoy studying and have completed my Certification in Educational Technology. SUNY, US. I am certified practitioner in the British Dyslexia Association. Surrey, UK. I also hold a Certificate in English Language Teaching.

University of Cambridge, ESOL Examinations Center, UK and certified in teaching ESL students in the mainstream classrooms. Govt. of South Australia.

In my personal life I’m and a mother of two beautiful children. In my spare time I listen to music and read books. I’m looking forward to this new school year and Myanmar.

NAME: Terry Nichols
JOB TITLE: 3rd Grade Teacher
Highest Degree Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Oakland City University
Number of Years Experience: 26

My name is Terry Nichols, and I will again be teaching third grade at Yangon Academy this year. I am looking forward to my 4th year at YA. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Oakland City University. I taught in Yangon from 2004 to 2006 and I enjoyed the students and their parents very much. I have taught at many schools overseas and in the United States, and I thought the Myanmar students were the most respectful and hardworking of any that I have worked with.

I have children and grandchildren of my own. I treat my students with the same care and respect that I show the children in my own family. I am sure this will be a good year.

NAME: Tim Castle
JOB TITLE: 3rd Grade Teacher
Highest Degree Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Bachelor of Education, University of Windsor
Number of Years Experience: 17

I am a teacher from Canada who is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. I received both of my Bachelor’s degrees – a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and a Bachelor of Education – from the University of Windsor. In addition, I hold a Certificate in Second Language Teaching from the University of Western Ontario.

I began my first full-time teaching position in China in 1997, and I have been teaching, on and off, for much of the time since then. Altogether, I have been teaching for seventeen years, most of which has been at the early primary level. A large part of my teaching career has been spent outside my home country and includes eight years in Myanmar. I am especially excited to be teaching third grade at Yangon Academy for my 4th year.

NAME: Christina O’Quinn
JOB TITLE: 4th Grade Teacher
Highest Degree Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with certifications in special education and anthropology
Number of Years Experience: 30+

My formal teaching spans 23 years in elementary regular and special education, middle school special education and 7 years teaching 7th-grade science. I have spent the last 5 years teaching 5th grade in Guatemala and Egypt. I love international teaching for the challenge of the unfamiliar! I also have about 14 years of informal experience teaching Outdoor/Environmental education at nature centers and residential outdoor education facilities. I thoroughly embrace the outdoor classroom concept in as many ways as possible. I always garden with my students. I will be looking forward to living someplace where it rains!

Having been a wildlife rehabilitator and instructor for many years in my home state of Texas, I am a big animal advocate. I love taking photos of wildlife and everyday street life in my host country. I am looking forward to once again living and working in the beautiful country of Myanmar.

NAME: Jacquie Bean
JOB TITLE: 4th Grade Teacher
Highest Degree Master Degree in Elementary Education
Number of Years Experience: 29

I am from Logansport, Indiana, United States, which is a state that almost no one outside of the United States has ever heard of. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Ball State University, and my Masters from Indiana University. I spent 26 years teaching in Indiana, and then decided that I wanted an adventure. I haven’t regretted that decision for one minute during the last two years.

I am a very creative person and that comes out in my classroom every day. I also love expressing my creativity in the Elementary Drama Club. This will be the third year that I have written and directed a play here at YA.

Teaching is what I was born to do, and I have never been happier doing it than here in Yangon.

NAME: Bradford Dudley
JOB TITLE: 5th Grade Teacher
Highest Degree Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts
Number of Years Experience: 30+

Bradford Dudley earned his teaching degrees in his home country of Canada and is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. For over three decades he has been an international educator working with primary, secondary, and adult students.In his leisure time Brad enjoys boating, fishing, and music.He is thrilled to be a teacher at Yangon Academy and looks forward to working with the students and their families.

NAME: John Tucker
JOB TITLE: 5th Grade Teacher
Highest Degree Bachelor of Science — University of California, Berkeley
Number of Years Experience: 17

I am from the U.S.A. I was born and raised in a small town in the center of California. I taught grades 3-5 for 10 years in California before moving to China in 2010. For my first 4 years in China I taught grade 4 at a small international school. Then for two years I taught English as Foreign Language at a large Chinese school.

I am a teacher because I enjoy working with students and providing them with a great environment for learning and growing. It is so rewarding to help students develop their language while building their knowledge in all of the different subjects.

Last year at YA we began participating in local Model United Nations events. I hope to continue to help our Model UN program grow.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, traveling, and reading.

NAME: Khin Pan Woht Mohn
Highest Degree Bachelor of Art in History, Bachelor of Art in Religious Studies
Number of Years Experience: 10

My name is Khin Pan Woht Mohn. I graduated in 2011 with a History degree from Dagon Universit,y and in 2012 with Social studies from BARS (Bachelor of Arts in Religious studies). As playing guitar and singing are my hobby, I have taught choir and guitar at my church over 5 years and I joined to GETC (George English Training Center) now as a music teacher.

I served and gained my music experience at GETC for over 2 years, and then moved to YA (Yangon Academy) in 2014 for the new sharing and experience. I am teaching guitar, choir and general music at YA. I hope to create and share the best and new things with students as much chance as I can.

NAME: Than Daing
JOB TITLE: Physical Education
Highest Degree Bachelor of Science in Botany
Number of Years Experience: 31+

In 1975, I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Yangon Arts and Science University. As an internationally approved qualification, I managed to get a Level 2 Coaching Certificate awarded by International Amateur Athletic Federation, which is under the International Olympic Committee.

When it comes to my teaching experience, from 1975 to 1985, I used to be a Track and Field Coach working for Arts and Science University, Ministry of Construction, Department of Housing Board, Department of Telecommunication and Institute of Sports and Physical Education. As a Physical Education teacher, I have worked for the International School Yangon (ISY), Crane International School, and currently I am happily working for Yangon Academy. Moreover, I am also a physical teacher (trainer) at Myanmar Yachting Federation.

NAME: Pyone Pyone Khin
JOB TITLE: Computer Studies
Highest Degree Bachelor of Art in Business Management
Number of Years Experience: 6+

This is Pyone Pyone Khin. I have a bachelor’s degree in BA (Business Management) from Dagon University, Diploma in Computer Studies (IDCS,IADCS), UK from KMD Computer Centre. I have completed an accountant course MYOB level 2 & level 3 (UK) from KMD Computer Centre.

I have 11 years experience in Computer Field. I worked with a TOTAL Learning Academy. I have over 6 years teaching experience at Primary level. I will again be teaching computer classes for Elementary students at Yangon Academy this year. As a teacher, my main goal is to motivate students to do their best and extend their own personal limits. My desire to impart my knowledge and love of learning to children lead them for completion of their Primary Education. I enjoy watching movie, reading books and travelling.

NAME: Yu Ma Ma Aung
JOB TITLE: Highest Degree
Highest Degree Level 2 coaching certificate from FIBA
Number of Years Experience: 3

Hello, my name is Yu Ma Ma Aung and I am the Physical Education teacher. In 2011, I was a Burma selection of basketball on 26th seagame Indonesia .I managed to get level 2 coaching certificate from FIBA – Asia Development plan of coaching clinic, which is under the International Basketball federation. As a Physical Education teacher, I have worked 3 years for the Pride International School Myanmar (PISM). This is my first year at Yangon Academy. I look forward to many more years teaching in the Yangon Academy.

NAME: Nay Yee Shin
Highest Degree Bachelor of Art – Fine Arts, National U. of Arts and Culture, Yangon
Number of Years (Teaching Experience:) 7+

I graduated Bachelor Degree of Arts (hons) in Fine Art from the National University of Arts and Culture in 2010.I have worked as an art teacher at Pride ISM in 2011 to 2016.After that I created art lesson plans on my own, and taught nursery to grade 5 students at EMPS.I have experienced in the art field for over 6 years. I really enjoy my life as an art teacher, and I like to share my knowledge to the students. And I also love working with kids. I am compassionate; love kids, and have a strong background in education. I love the work that I do, and make sure to integrate hands on learning along with direction.

I can provide students with opportunities to reach their fullest potential through creative expression, and broad range of aesthetic, historical, critical, and production experiences. My goal is to see the increase in student motivation, awareness, and understanding of arts.