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Dear Students and Parents:
The last two years of High School it is essential for students to be prepared for the transition to college. This is a process that starts in grade 9 and culminates with plans in place to matriculate to college by Grade 12. Students have worked hard to make sure they are prepared and have done all that is necessary to be successful.Please take a look at either the Junior preparing for university calendar Download PDF or the Senior preparing for university calendar Download PDF .
My experience of more than 30 years in K-12 schools, 19 years of that internationally, have provided me with the knowledge and experience to guide your son/daughter to the college of their choice. I have helped students matriculate to universities literally all over the world. My joy is achieved when I can help young people realize their dreams, while they start their walk down their new educational path after graduating from high school.
Naviance is a program to help you maintain that focus and organization, to assist you in discovering your strengths, and the universities which is best for you.
Some essential web pages for college planning are “Do what you are, Explore Careers and Explore Interests.” You gain insight about yourself and how to make choices both for study at Yangon Academy and at university. All of the tools and inventories on this website can be reset and done again if you wish. Please refer to the information web page about Naviance on this website.
You can request transcripts from the counselling office and references from your teachers; it will act as the conduit through which Yangon Academy will send electronic documents to accompany your university applications via Family Connection. There is a wealth of information and assistance available to you here and it is my hope that you use the site as much as possible.
If you need assistance using any of the resources on Naviance or with outside concerns, please free to contact me via email [email protected] or by phone 09774404221.

Best wishes,
Doug Willard
College & University Counselor


The counseling staff is pleased to introduce Family Connection from Naviance, a Web-based service designed especially for students and parents. Family Connection is a comprehensive website that you can use to help in making decisions about courses, colleges, and careers. Family Connection is linked to the Counselor’s Office, a service that we use in our office to track and analyze data about college and career plans, so it provides up-to-date information that is specific to our school.
Seniors: Students need to look at the external links on the home Family Connections page in order sign up for SAT Tests, TOEFL and a variety of other resources as well.

Please click here to login to the Naviance Family Connection


What You Will Find on Naviance?

Students can look-up information on a specific college as well as view when college representatives will be visiting. These visits can be viewed online by clicking on the “College” tab and then selecting “view all upcoming college visits” link, or by viewing the page for a particular college.

You will be able to view when your transcripts/applications were sent to the colleges for which you applied. (Select the “College” tab and then click on the “transcripts” link on the left-hand side.)

You will be able to view when a letter of recommendation you requested from a teacher has been turned into the counseling office. (Select the “College” tab and then click on the link that says “College’s I’m Applying To.” If you scroll down the page you will see a Teacher Recommendations heading. The teachers name and the word “completed’ will appear if the letter has been turned in.

Search the Sallie Mae national scholarship clearinghouse, Fastweb and view local scholarships posted by the College and Career Center.

This link gives students an easy way to develop a resume. The screen will provide boxes for students to enter information and, in turn, transforms the information entered into a resume.

A series of questions that are designed to help the counselor work with each student to develop a game plan for achieving their goals after graduation. Answers to these questions can be changed at any time and answers are not shared with anyone other than the counselor.

To log-in, visit the YA Naviance website:
Students: To log-in to Naviance, use the same log-in and password you use to access Family Access.

  • Parents: If you have logged in before you will have created your own username and password. If you have not logged in before or are having trouble logging in, please contact Doug Willard for your log-in information via phone 09774404221 or via [email protected]. E-mail is preferred.


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